A New Planet X Africa (via the new X-Durban Facility Plans) is taking shape out of the South Africa's premium beach destination and sports capital, Durban... which is also Africa's top Seaport, Conference Center and fun link to the Indian Ocean!

for info - info@planetx.tv - planetx.tv - planet1.org​

Planet X Manila (via X-Manila Hub) will support this vibrant community and the ultimate interlink within Asia and Pacific Rim with its very talented local citizens!

Planet X had its own local format TV series based out of Manila in the late 90s.

XAN DIEGO is Planet X's flagship Creative Community and West Coast Studio Operations Center ... Working with local leaders in media, entertainment, city government, education and tourism, the XAN DIEGO brand is a rally cry to the region as a whole (which includes the Inland Empire, Northern Baja and South Orange County ... All with San Diego as the regional action & urban epicenter).

for info - info@planetx.tv - planetx.tv - planet1.org​

info@planetx.tv - planetx.tv - planet1.org

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