"My career since the mid-80s has been a wild ride of exotic travel and time spent with amazing people all over the world; first at age 16 when my brother and I went to the Ottawa Summit in 1981 at the invitation of the Canadian and South African governments where we got to meet world leaders, then a whirlwind tour of Southern Africa with local leaders who were part of the amazing Mandela transition to power, then many years of working with innovators and pioneers in world peace, the UN, media and the oceans!

Often, we get to hang out with Arnold at special charity events and we too, support his message above that America needs to get back on track as the free leader of the world!        

DP DURBAN (Founder / Planet X)

2020 is a Year of Note ... Planet X's 25th Anniversary, and a time that the world-at-large is dealing with radical change and challenges ... we are here to add our mix of programming, entertainment and leadership that will soon be a frontrunner!

Planet X Co-Founder, Lloyd Molander takes us back home to Dana Point, CA

Planet X thrives on variety in action, location and hosting talent ... all with a sense of humor and mix of TV program formats for its viewing audience; be its own studio base at the ocean in San Diego at its beach hotel, or on adventure in exotic parts of the world, the Planet X crew wants to illustrate the amazing diversity of the ocean world and nature-at-large!

for info - info@planetx.tv - planetx.tv - planet1.org

Planet X's New Action Star, Movie Matt will soon take on our New Programming Needs within the Tri-State and Planet X's new State-of-the-Art Production Center in the Heart of Brooklyn -Watch for Matt in Action and his New Planet X NY TV Show line-up, Coming this Summer!

for info - info@planetx.tv - planetx.tv - planet1.org 

info@planetx.tv - planetx.tv - planet1.org