March 1st, 2021 - Planet X announces new college media roster soon ... 

- Different angles on our wild Earth and future Planet X programming - 

Planet X's Very First Episode (produced in mid-1995 with Hard Rock Cafe)

2020 was a Year of Note ... Planet X's 25th Anniversary, and a wild time that the world-at-large dealt with radical change and challenges ... its new mix of programming, entertainment and leadership that will soon be a frontrunner!

Planet X Co-Founder, Lloyd Molander takes us back home to Dana Point, CA

Planet X thrives on variety in action, location and hosting talent ... all with a sense of humor and mix of TV program formats for its viewing audience; be its own studio base at the ocean in San Diego at its beach hotel, or on adventure in exotic parts of the world, the Planet X crew wants to illustrate the amazing diversity of the ocean world and nature-at-large!

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Planet X's New Action Star, Movie Matt will soon take on our New Programming Needs within the Tri-State and Planet X's new State-of-the-Art Production Center in the Heart of Brooklyn -Watch for Matt in Action and his New Planet X NY TV Show line-up, Coming this Summer!

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